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Making a difference

Impact Fund

Investing in Momentous Change

Our 2019 Impact Fund grantee partners: ACOSS, Democracy for Sale, Indigenous Law Centre UNSW and Invasive Species Council.

Established as a vehicle for collective giving, the Impact Fund inspires investments in the boldest solutions to our country’s biggest issues.

By harnessing the power of our community’s shared ambition for a fairer and more sustainable Australia, the Impact Fund demonstrates what we can achieve when we come together. It’s proof that giving together is an effective way of exercising our democratic rights and improving outcomes for all Australians. 

Co-Funding Opportunities

Supporting Our Partners


Alliance for Gambling Reform

Supporting the big names to divest from pokies and leveraging the current pokies shutdown to #BuildBackBetter


Country Needs People

Delivering lasting and effective environmental change and securing jobs in remote communities through Indigenous land and sea management


Australian Gun Safety Alliance

Providing a credible alternative voice to the gun lobby and holding governments to account


Blak Loungeroom

Investing in First Nations-led philanthropy by supporting Koondee Woonga-gat Toor-rong to provide a space for First Nations peoples in the sector to come together

Watch: Why our community supports the Impact Fund

Impact Fund 2019 Round

Tackling Inequality

Supporting projects and organisations working to combat the unequal distribution of opportunities across the social, economic, political, and cultural spheres. 

Strengthening Democracy

Supporting projects and organisations working to strengthen the foundations of Australia’s democracy.

Get inspired by our grantee partners strengthening democracy

Supporting Indigenous Self-Determination

Supporting projects and organisations that are led or owned by Indigenous peoples, who we believe are best placed to improve outcomes for their communities. 

Get inspired by our grantee partners supporting Indigenous self-determination

Safeguarding the Environment

Supporting projects and organisations protecting Australia’s natural ecosystems and working towards a safe and stable climate. 

Get inspired by our grantee partners safeguarding the environment

More about the Fund

Li-Anthawirriyarra ranger being interviewed about the benefits of working with Impact Fund partner, Country Needs People. Alex Inglis.

The Impact Fund provides both Large Grants and Agile/Seed Grants for advocacy, campaigning, research and scaling proven approaches nationally. Its bold but thoughtful co-funding process is helping to tip the scales towards a more culturally, environmentally, economically and socially just Australia.

We work with our giving community and changemakers across the above four areas to identify opportunities for timely intervention and pathways to positive change. We then coordinate our collective resources in support of these opportunities, meaning that we move more resources in a more impactful way, together. 

Raise the Rate supporters with staff from Impact Fund partner Australian Council of Social Service. Tony Davis.

Types of Grants

The Impact Fund supports Australia’s leading change-makers through Large Grants and Agile/Seed Grants.

Large Grants are distributed via an annual grant round. The Impact Fund carefully selects projects across the four impact areas, pledges a contribution to each and invites co-funding contributions from the broader funding community.


Agile/Seed Grants are made throughout the year in rapid response to urgent opportunities across the four impact areas. The Impact Fund pledges a contribution and puts out a time-limited call for co-funding contributions from the broader funding community.

Selection Process

Invited applicants are shortlisted based on the Impact Fund’s five key selection criteria.

Alignment with impact area

Timeliness/urgency of opportunity

Potential for systemic impact

Evidence base

Potential to influence change.

Give to the Impact Fund

Support the work of our country’s leading changemakers for a fairer and more sustainable Australia.